Eric Blair | Principal – Partner

Passionate entrepreneur and successful Kitchen+Bath professional of 20 years; Eric Blair is a creative thinker who possesses a unique set of talents.

Former Independent Kitchen+Bath Dealer, Eric’s first-hand knowledge and experience includes a complete understanding of nationwide cabinet manufacturers, industry related products, cabinet construction, industry trends, product placement, sales, marketing and product pricing. Eric’s professional experience includes business development, business management, operations, kitchen and bath design, sales, marketing, networking, logistics, and product installation.

Eric is a people-oriented problem solver who can communicate effectively through written and oral channels. His consultative selling approach results in a consistent high-producer who demonstrates the ability to successfully introduce additional product offerings to his clients. A master of diplomacy and customer service skills, clients often sing his praises after working with him.

Eric is a detail oriented individual who is committed to honesty and integrity. Eric takes great pride in his work and responsibilities and is committed to serving others with honesty and integrity. Eric strives to be an excellent leader both personally and professionally. His philosophy is quite simple: Treat others as he would like to be treated, commit his talents and abilities entirely, and to always conduct himself with utmost professionalism, morals and core values.

Chris Williams | Territory Sales Consultant

Chris began his design career in 1990 while completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation and 3D Modeling under the College of Architecture at Arizona State University.  With a passion for home improvement, he directed his focus towards the K+B industry where he furthered his education with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).  He obtained multiple certifications in kitchen, bath, and lighting design and earned continued education credit for his participation in a course on Green Building and Sustainability.

With more than 25 years in the industry, Chris takes a proactive approach to problem solving with his clients to ensure increased efficiency, workflow, and profitability to their organizations.  He prides himself on his attention to detail, and ensures that his clients are confident and satisfied with all decisions made throughout the design process, from initial budgeting and material selection to the final outcome.  He is well versed in the 2020 Design program and has a thorough understanding of the residential remodeling construction process.

As a proven design team leader for two national building supply chains, Chris maintains a high level of integrity and knows the importance of training programs for sales enhancement, building customer loyalty, and establishing long-term relationships.

Evan Chimes | Territory Sales Consultant

With over 30+ years in Consulting, Evan is a professional sales executive whose primary focus is on strategic growth & profitability.

After earning his degree in finance from University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, Evan relocated to the United States to further his career where he spent time in the manufacturing, logistics, financial services & technology sectors. While serving at a variety of influential fortune 500 corporations, it is here he developed his ability to connect with clients both personally and professionally.

Evan is best known for partnering with his clients to scale their business through product education, technology advancement, strategic planning and business development strategies.

In his free time, Evan enjoys spending time with his wife, their two daughters & light of his life, granddaughter, Emmi.

Jon Parsons Bio Photo

Jon Parsons | Territory Sales Consultant

As a seasoned sales professional, Jon works closely with each of his clients to maximize their full sales potential.

With an eye for technical design and attention to detail, Jon is a K+B professional with Design, Sales and Project Management experience. Jon’s sales background includes K+B showroom sales, business-to-business sales, as well as extensive knowledge and impressive sales performance in the trade show exhibit space. For 15+ years, Jon worked developing his relationships with his clients, identifying their specific sales objectives and ultimately partnered with them to achieve their goals. Through this, Jon gained unique perspective which aids in his continued success.

Jon truly enjoys prospecting potential new business partners, identifying their key needs and exploring opportunities. He works closely with his clients fostering relationships and negotiating to develop strategies and solutions to improve overall sales and increase market share. Jon’s positive and professional approach coupled with his encouraging, friendly attitude is refreshing to those he serves as well as his business colleagues, Manufacturers and friends.

In his free time, Jon actively volunteers and supports a variety of charitable organizations throughout Palm Springs and the surrounding area.

KellyresizedKelly Beckton | Territory Sales Consultant

Successful K+B professional of over 13+ years, Kelly is a tenacious and highly-driven salesperson who is committed to serving her clients and manufacturers with energy and enthusiasm.

Kelly’s interest and strong passion for design quickly lead her to UCLA’s prestigious Architectural Interior Design Program. Since her time at UCLA, Kelly has served a myriad of roles within the industry including Independent Interior Design Firms as well as select K+B showrooms where she successfully carried out her responsibilities as Senior Designer, Senior Project Manager and overall Sales Professional.

She is versed in 20-20 Design Software ̧ is familiar with all aspects of the industry including, design, sales, installation, project management and customer service; all of which contribute to her continued success. Her extensive experience, an education in Architectural Design and a strong desire to help others achieve great success combined with her unwavering commitment and attention to detail make for a solid partnership for those she serves.

Laurie Burke Bio PicLaurie Burke | Territory Sales Consultant

Laurie Burke is a highly skilled K+B sales professional with a strong sense of showroom development and a passion for knowledge.  She is an avid learner and cares deeply about equipping her Accounts with the necessary tools and resources that ultimately aid in their success.

After earning her degree from UCLA in the social sciences, Laurie continued her education through UCLA’s Extension and Interior Design Program where she learned the fundamentals and core foundation of quality design. After graduating, Laurie began her career selling decorative plumbing and quickly learned how to design and sell full-scale K+B remodeling projects. It is here she identified her desire to create, present and sell, something she continues to do today; via her Accounts.

As a former K+B Showroom Manager and Lead K+B Designer, Laurie’s commitment to product training and desire to stay current in an evolving marketplace continues to benefit her Accounts as well as the industry’s Manufacturers. She works diligently to maintain a strong command on today’s trends and focuses much of her time on educating her Accounts, arming them with relative, practical product knowledge. Laurie’s enthusiasm for the industry and excellent organizational skills has served her well. Her first-hand experience provides a keen understanding and unique ability to apply such skills to her Accounts and continue to meet their needs in both sales and service.

When she is not on the road serving her Accounts, or attending local NKBA chapter events, Laurie prefers spending time with family and friends for outdoor fresh-air activities; either hiking in the mountains or relaxing at the beach. Fun Fact: On weekend road trips, she breaks for architectural finds.

Linda Colby | Territory Sales Consultant

Linda is a motivated sales professional, focused on partnering with her clients and manufacturers to provide excellent customer service and achieve over the top results.  She strives to exceed every measured benchmark and deliver.

As a former business owner, with 20 years of extensive sales and marketing experience, she’s built an effective career in business development. Much of her background is related to collaborating with industry manufacturers to introduce new, innovative products through a variety of custom and production builder channels.  Linda is a creative thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates her to partner with her clients to develop targeted marketing programs.  Her clients value the personal attention to detail and the support she provides as they implement her recommended strategies.

While fostering long term relationships, Linda strives to engage with her clients and provide creative strategies that will have an immediate and substantial impact.   She enjoys providing an excellent level of service, is a resourceful advocate, and can convey effective selling strategies that support her client’s business plans.

Linda is a native Texan and a small-town girl at heart, but her love of travel compels her to explore new destinations with her family as often as she can.  At home, her free time is spent outside cultivating her organic garden, and cooking recipes from her backyard harvest.

Louelle Chimes | Territory Sales Consultant

Originally from Pretoria, South Africa, Louelle completed her education at The Bill Ainsley Art Foundation as a Fine Arts major. After immigrating to the United States, Louelle pursued a career in the K+B Industry, which ultimately led her to Dallas, Texas where for 17+ years, she owned and operated her own Design Build Firm while serving as the Chief Principal Interior Designer and General Contractor. It is here she developed a passion for the industry and her pristine reputation was born.

Louelle’s first-hand experience in K+B Design, Sales, General Contracting and Development has provided a solid foundation that continues to serve her and her clients well. With 20+ years in the industry, Louelle is an innovative sales professional with a unique ability to truly listen to her clients while developing deep, trusting relationships. Louelle is familiar with and has a clear understanding of all aspects within the industry including Cabinet Manufacturing, Sales, Design and Installation. She is a business-minded individual with a focus on sales, a desire to educate her clients and an overall commitment to serving those in the industry with strong moral

Louelle is fluent in both 20-20 Design Software and CAD Chief Architect. Louelle is affiliated with the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA), Master Builders Association (MBA), National Association of Remodelers (NARI), and Business Networking International (BNI).

Mike Lee

Mike Lee | Territory Sales Consultant

Mike is a sales driven Kitchen+Bath professional with over 20+ years industry experience. His diverse background includes construction, construction management, estimating, cabinet sales, service and design.

Mike’s hands-on experience began years ago in the field; using a hammer and a saw. His time in the field prepared him for a strong future in sales, and gradually his passion for design matured. He has served in several capacities within the K+B industry and has first-hand experience in outside sales, dealer sales, manufacturer representation and K+B showrooms.

Mike is well-organized, self-motivated and proficient in 2020 Design Software. He is a sales person focused on educating his clients and achieving results. His commitment to building lasting relationships, his attention to detail and strong desire to invest in each of clients contribute to his success.


Rick Gonzalez | Territory Sales Consultant

Former small business owner and experienced K+B salesperson, Rick is an industry professional who cares deeply about the success of those he serves.

As a prior K+B Dealer himself, Rick’s extensive background includes 20+ years in the home-building industry; 10 of which were committed exclusively to the K+B Industry with a focus specifically on cabinetry and countertop sales. Rick is proficient in 20-20 Design Software, both framed and frameless products, as well as all aspects of Project Management, sales, logistics and product installation.

Rick is eager to assist, attentive to his clients’ needs and is meticulous with his supportive services. He enjoys helping Dealers build a more profitable and rewarding business; all while fostering long term relationships with his clients and manufacturers. His pleasant demeanor and vast industry knowledge, coupled with his business-minded approach contribute to his countless successes.

Erin Blair

Erin Blair | Operations – Partner

Erin Blair is a successful Kitchen+Bath professional with a deep understanding and broad perspective of today’s industry. Her proven experience and unique set of talents aid in her continued success.

With over 18 years industry experience, Erin is a creative visionary who has a strong desire to achieve high-impact results for each of her clients. Erin is a determined individual who is committed to serving her clients with honesty and integrity. Her ability to create, implement and oversee operations is the foundation of her work.

She has a complete understanding of nationwide cabinet manufacturers, residential design, sales and product installation. She is a dynamic salesperson who has had great success in creating, implementing and overseeing system operations and company organization throughout the industry.

Her strategic insight and strong analytical skills coupled with her clear, focused approach allow her to engage and maintain productive and long lasting business relationships.

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