Dealer Excellence Award 2013 CasaViva K+B

12 Jan / Dealer Excellence Award 2013 CasaViva K+B

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Optima Sales Group | Dealer Excellence Award Southern, CA | 2013

Each year the Territory Sales Consultants of Optima Sales Group have the opportunity to recognize one distinguished dealer within his or her territory and present them with the Optima Sales Group Dealer Excellence Award. The award is presented to a select dealer who has demonstrated a strong commitment to Optima Sales Group, our manufacturers and to those they serve in the K+B industry.

It is with great pleasure to announce this year’s recipient of the Optima Sales Group Dealer Excellence Award…

CasaViva Kitchen+Bath | Redondo Beach, CA

Territory Sales Consultant, Trina Burke personally selected Serse Accorinti of CasaViva Kitchen+Bath as this years’ recipient of the Dealer Excellence Award in her territory.

After careful consideration, Trina’s decision when selecting CasaViva K+B was primarily based on their annual sales volume, and their commitment and loyalty to Optima Sales Group and Bellmont Cabinet Company.

Bellmont Cabinet Company was the very first cabinet manufacturer that Serse sold when he established his dealership in 2008 and over the years has continued his pledge and relationship to Bellmont Cabinet Company.

Serse is originally from Italy, has a very strong passion for contemporary design and a true love for the Italian cuisine. He enjoys the game of soccer and all is well when he’s preparing an Italian meal with friends and family at his personal residence in his very own Bellmont kitchen.

Congratulations to Serse Accorinti and the entire team at CasaViva K+B. We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to a very successful 2014!

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