Optima Sales Group; Independent Kitchen and Bath Sales Firm offers a clear, focused and determined approach as we partner with you to achieve successful, sustainable growth. A leader in the Kitchen and Bath industry, Optima Sales Group delivers a unique approach in providing solutions and proven strategies that are guaranteed to benefit any organization interested in our services.

The sales force at Optima Sales Group delivers unmatched customer service with personalized attention; specific to each dealers’ individual needs. We are committed to the success of your bottom line and we will dedicate the necessary time, energy and resources to ensure each client receives the attention they deserve. Our team provides insight and services to strengthen company relationships and as a result we have successfully achieved benchmark levels of market share.

As active members in the Kitchen & Bath Industry, we serve our Dealers by staying apprised of the industry’s latest trends and relevant concepts. We dedicate sufficient time in product knowledge training sessions to ensure that our Dealers are educated, comfortable and confident when selling our products. 20/20 design training sessions are also integrated when needed as well as sales, marketing, business management and operations consulting. Optima Sales Group is available and actively takes part in local, regional and national events including the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, International Builder’s Show, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference and Dwell on Design. Additionally, we are readily available to our Dealers and also attend and support their workshops, open-houses, grand-opening events, home tours and speaking engagements upon request.

Optima Sales Group works diligently when selecting talented individuals to aid in serving our Dealers, but also in utilizing specific processes to maximize our efforts and talents as a firm. A significant amount of our time is spent in front of our clients, developing relationships and keeping our brands and resources at the forefront of their minds. We focus on strategies to build bigger and more profitable relationships. We are committed and focused on the details and our ability to follow through with what we have promised to deliver. This philosophy has proven to be a great success for our clients, our firm and our manufacturers.

Our aggressive approach to networking results in the ability to be a constant and reliable resource to our Dealers and manufacturers alike. We take great pride in being regarded as a trusted and reliable resource amongst other professionals in our industry.

Design Services

The Design Services Program through Optima Sales Group offers professional cabinetry design to Kitchen and Bath Dealers, Designers and Industry Professionals. Design Services provides assistance in creating, designing and pricing for Bellmont Cabinet Company and Plato Woodwork product. The Design Services Team will provide professional designs to ensure your clients receive accurate, comprehensive and detailed designs.

Design Services is a pre-pay service based on an hourly design fee of $40.00 per hour. Design work is billed in 15 minute increments. Dealers are required to submit payment in advance for all Design Services. Dealers have the opportunity to pay-as-you-go, or create a payment surplus for future design work. Your account is available to you at any time and will be provided upon request. Design work will not begin until payment is received.

Design Services will provide your complete design within 72 hours or (3) business days. Designs are processed in the order in which they are received. On occasion, lead times can vary. The Design Team will communicate the “Estimated Time of Completion” before any work begins.

The Design Team are highly talented, experienced individuals who are committed to providing the most innovative, creative, high-caliber professional designs.


Optima Sales Group provides individualized Consulting Services for Kitchen & Bath industry professionals who are seeking success in their existing operation, or their next business venture. Our Consulting Team is at the forefront of the industry and can assist you in Business Development, Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Processes, Procedures, Best Practices, Strategic Planning and more.

With our deep industry experience and passion for success, we assist our clients by focusing on improving performance, function and profitability. We work with clients to achieve efficiency, speed and flexibility in an ever-changing marketplace. By aligning business goals with key operational strategies, we deliver bottom-line results that have helped our clients reach sustainable success in their companies.

System implementation is crucial to a successful operation. The experienced professionals at Optima Sales Group are well positioned and are determined when creating, implementing and overseeing daily operations.

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