Welcome To The Team Sarah

15 May / Welcome To The Team Sarah

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| Sarah Greanya Joins Optima Sales Group |

Optima Sales Group is pleased to introduce, Sarah Greanya as the newest member to join the Optima Sales Group Team.

Sarah will be serving as the lead designer for the Design Services program offered through Optima Sales Group.

Sarah is an innovative designer with a diverse background in Kitchen+Bath Design and Residential Interior Design. She has a strong passion for the arts, design and all aspects of architecture. Sarah is a visionary problem-solver whose creativity allows for effective and functional design solutions. Her focus and determination compliment her strong work ethic which is driven by integrity and a desire to connect with the spaces she designs.

Sarah is excited to be a part of the Optima Team and is very much looking forward to assisting you with all of your design needs.

Sarah can be reached at:

Phone | 619-228-5584

Fax | 866-487-0249


To learn more about Sarah, please visit our website www.OptimaSalesGroup.com

Please join us as we welcome Sarah to the team!

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