Woodland Cabinetry National Sales Meeting

27 Sep / Woodland Cabinetry National Sales Meeting

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Woodland Cabinetry | Sisseton, SD | 2012 National Sales Meeting | 9/9-9/12

The Optima Sales Group Team recently attended Woodland Cabinetry’s 2012 National Sales Meeting.

Our journey began bright and early Sunday morning as we all traveled to Minneapolis, MN which was followed by a three hour commute to Sisseton, SD. It was a nice opportunity to visit with one another and enjoy each other’s company as we prepared for the meeting ahead.

Monday started with a factory tour of the entire Woodland facility. We spent a fair amount of time on the production floor asking questions and learning more about Woodland’s manufacturing and finishing processes. Woodland’s paint finish is still second-to-none in the industry and is something that I am still so impressed by. As Sales Representatives; we spent time at the distressing tables and even took part in Woodland’s distressing techniques. The tour was a great experience and really allowed us to come face to face with the product. We enjoyed the afternoon as we helped prepare and serve the over 200 Woodland employees during a barbeque cookout that was held on site. It was a wonderful idea on Woodland’s part and a perfect opportunity to serve those who serve us and our Dealer’s each day. We were able to share a meal and spend time with the Woodland employees and fellow industry colleagues.

The majority of Tuesday was spent concentrating on the Woodland product itself. We focused our discussions on the improvements to the existing product offerings as well as the new enhancements and additions to the catalog. Woodland Cabinetry is expanding their product offerings and is releasing new products that will appeal to their existing Dealer base as well as a market interested in a more current, contemporary feel. The new release will include a slab door program, high-gloss doors, transitional door styles, thermo structured melamine as well as horizontal grain wood veneers in walnut, maple, cherry and oak.

Woodland hosted a fantastic sales meeting that included a very unique atmosphere. We spent time at Prairie Sky Ranch in Sisseton, SD where we enjoyed beautiful scenery, wide open spaces and a break from suburban life as we were surrounded by wildlife that included, buffalo, bison, horses, fowl and even a few Texas Longhorns.

Our time at Woodland was highly productive for our entire team. We are committed to serving our Dealers and look forward to the new products on the horizon.

Woodland Cabinetry – Affordable custom, a’ la carte pricing, unbelievable finish.





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